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Nabisco - Chips Ahoy Original Cookies Review from Warren, Michigan
My favorite cookie in the whole wide world, Chips Ahoy, tastes terrible now. I thought maybe they were old, stale, but the date on the package says they should be good for another five months. Inspected the cookies for mold because they just tasted rotten. Looked fine. So, must be a recipe change??? I want to cry. These were the only store-bought cookies I liked, and I didn't just like them, I LOVED THEM! So sad. Please revert back to your...
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I have been eating Chips Ahoy for 50 years and enjoyed them. Recently the cookies have varied in taste, size, and color. I just bought 8 bags and when I opened the first bag the cookies were so burnt they were almost black, I am afraid all 8 bags are going to be this way. I wonder what has happened to quality control in recent years. I guess it's time to switch to Oreos. I never know what I am going to get when I buy a bag. I guess life is...
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Please don't change a good thing. These cookies have been around forever. Do you think Oreo changes their original cookie? No! They just make a different variety. I hope Nabisco reads these reviews. I have no idea how this recipe passed testing. I am sure there are fat people out there who taste buds are so broken that they won't even notice the difference. It today's age, it's about quantity and not quality. This will *** the company in the...
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Chips Ahoy have been my only cookie for the past 5 yrs,they became my "comfort food" while my husband was sick,and remained so after he 2011.So upset with the guality now.Smaller,not as much taste,hard chips you can't chew ! America's favorite cookie has gone! So disappointed to have to find something else.I understand costs are rising ,but what good does it do to move factories and downsize ,if nobody buys..I would gladly pay more for...
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Hard glass like crumbly granules inside all cookies. Would like to send the remainder to you. Unfair for someone to sabotage your company. You do not provide an address and telephone number to your company on-line. Also, I used to love the "coconut chocolate chips" cookies. At one time they re-instated them but by the time I got off my diet I did not see them in the store anymore. Please let me know where I can purchase them. Good luck...
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Nabisco - Chips Ahoy
I purchased a box of Original Chips Ahoy cookies today and the entire batch was burnt, hard, brittle, and stale. The most horrible tasting cookies I ever had in my life, and I ended up throwing away the entire batch because I was very disappointed. This is the year 2016 now, and the cookies are still getting burnt, something needs to be done immediately. The grocery store that I purchased these cookies from was called H-E-B in Austin, TX and...
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