Wyoming, Pennsylvania
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I ran out to my local Dolla Grneral store last night to grab some snacks for my children's lunches. We always tend to grab a pack or two of chips a hoy cookies.

I decided to grab the family size pack. I came straight home to pack the kids lunches and was not too happy when I opened the package. please see the attached photo.

Looks like someone decided to do an in store taste test before my purchase and what was left in the package is smashed to crumbs! Needless to say, the package is now in the trash!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chips Ahoy Cookies.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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This is not Dollar General's fault. Could be someone from outside as in a customer did this.

I worked in a grocery store, though where one of the employees would grab a couple sliced of bread out of a package of bread and say they will never miss it. oh brother.


I'd call the health department about that.


Update you are a ***!! If your children are afraid to tell you the truth, then you have failed as a parent!!!

And just incase you respond to this, i have 2 sons and i can honestly say they have never lied to me no matter what!!! Why you ask?? I taught them at a young age to be honest no matter what.

No threats or punishments to them. After all we were young once ourselves.

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